Mars Attacks! Original 1962 Topps trading card set scans as JPG files


From the 1962 original Topps trading card set: MARS ATTACKS! Included are the fronts and backs of the 55-card set as well as several images of the box and pack design.

Planning to conquer the Earth, Mars sends flying saucers through space carrying deadly weapons. Burning the cities, the Martians destroy much of Earth’s population. The enemy then enlarges insects to over 500 times their normal size and releases them on the helpless planet. People go into hiding, knowing that death is the consequence if they are discovered by the creatures. Despite its losses, Earth launches a counterattack that shatters the Martians on their home planet, Mars.

While other scans of this set exist, this used set represents the true-to-life nature of the cards as they exist today. Supposing they were actually collected by a kid when they came out, and weren't kept in collectable sleeves in a drawer for the past few decades.  

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Initial marketing for the set was done through dummy corp Bubbles, Inc with name "Attack from Space". Production was halted by Topps when a Connecticut District Attorney initiated an inquiry into the violent nature of the artwork.

Inspiration: Weird Science #16 (EC Comics) cover by Wallace Wood
Story and rough sketches: Topps Product Developer Len Brown, Topps Editor and Art Director Woody Gelman.
Further Fleshing Out of Sketches: Wallace Wood
Even Further Fleshing Out of Sketches: Bob Powell
Final Artwork / Painting: Norman Saunders

Chris Burns