Gucci and Beyond (Star Trek Retro Sci-Fi Fashion Madness)


What you're about to witness is above normal - beyond average. It's a campaign for some clothing made by the folks at GUCCI, using 1950s and 1960s science fiction as inspiration. It's completely bonkers - and not just because it's clever to use this source material.

The images and the video that were meant to present this collection of clothing are both the message and the medium. They're the presentation, but they're also a product for consumption. These bits of media give me a fulfilling visceral sensation - they're so deeply well crafted.

The campaign is called GUCCI AND BEYOND, and its subtitle is "when human characters interact with dinosaurs and extraterrestrial creatures.

"The delusional and psychedelic decorations are composed of landscapes of surreal space and interiors of retro-futuristic spaceships. For the Fall-Winter 2017 campaign by Glen Luchford, creative director Alessandro Michele was inspired by the science fiction of the 1950s and 1960s, including the legendary Star Trek TV series. The mixed cast of humanoids, extraterrestrials, robots, landlords and even dinosaurs comes to life in colorful and decorative collections to create a composition rich in imagination and fantasy."

Music: "Space 1999" written by Vic Elms, Barry Gray
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