One Year of Pokemon GO hero images for SlashGear

Pokemon GO has been up and running for 1 year as of July 5th, 2017. During this year, I've written articles for SlashGear - about Pokemon GO - almost every single weekday. To avoid eye-searing stagnation, I attempted to produce a unique picture or a set of unique pictures as often as possible. 

A small number of these images include illustrations by me, but the vast majority come from other artists. I took what they did and remixed for the sake of the story. Wherever I could, I credited the original artists of each individual monster, and you can find those by doing a reverse image search back through Google to each individual SlashGear post.

What we've got here is just a big ol' gallery. More will inevitably appear as the Pokemon GO action continues on SlashGear for the foreseeable future.