So you just saw a Zombie: Project Rock Resurrection


Hello there, rock and roll disciples. You’ve just been to what Rob Zombie guaranteed to you was “hashtag the greatest fuckin’ rock show you’re ever going to see.” What comes next? How about we play a game of Wake the Dead?

You almost certainly snapped a photo or two at the show - maybe even captured a video.* We want them all! We want YOU to assist in creating the greatest fan-shot rock show of all time!

We’re aiming to resurrect the entire show by re-connecting all the photos and videos fans captured during the show. We want the photos and videos captured on-the-spot by fans who felt so absolutely struck by the moment, they had to use their phone’s camera to keep it forever.

Something a lil’ something like this. Or nothing like this! We want the WHOLE fan experience.

Something a lil’ something like this. Or nothing like this! We want the WHOLE fan experience.

We’re in the process of doing all the digital sewing-back-together here at WFDJ, like we’re creating Frankenstein’s munster (let’s call it Herman, for short). All we need from you is the photos and/or video you shot at the show, behind the scenes, during, before, and even after the show. We want to show the music, the fans, the entire experience - everything!

Send your stuff to any of the following points of contact, and make sure you mention how you’d like to be credited: by name, by fake name, with a link, without credit (anonymous), however you like. We want YOU to get as much credit as you want for the media you’ve captured.


Once we’ve finalized the project, we’ll be sharing with the fans that’ve contributed AND we’re sending the project straight to Zombie and Manson. If you’ve got some sort of super secret message you want included in that transmission, by all means, send it along. No promises you’ll be seen by the rock gods and lifted on high to the chrome gates Valhalla - but then again, you never know, right?

Contact the crew and send your stuff to any of the following:

And even if you do not wish to participate - thank you for joining us at the greatest rock show on earth!

ALSO NOTE: There’s a fantastic fan-shot Beastie Boys show out there called “Awesome, I Fuckin Shot That” that comes highly recommended, too. That show’s capture was premeditated, and captured on big hand-held video cameras. We want do things a little different.